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  1. I agree with someone who said Ebay is a great way to get srteatd making money online because Ebay gets you into the mindset of being a business.There are some ways of making money online without having a business, but most of them are pretty weird in my opinion. For example, I’ve made maybe a couple hundred bucks filling out surveys and doing offers for sites that offer you a free ipod and cash and stuff, but those were stressful because you have to cancel the offers real soon or you get charged big time on your credit card. And canceling is a pain in the butt.If you have any kind of service or product you could offer that presents a value to people, then you can set up a website and begin to charge for it. You can test to see if people will pay for it by first offering good advice and seeing what feedback you get. If you get good feedback, people might pay for your stuff.Good luck!References :

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